The Sharps Welcome New Member David Holt

The Sharps, in conjunction with Godsey Media Management, are excited to announce

the addition of their newest member, David Holt. The quartet is owned by father and son

Andy & Ben Sharp, who sing tenor and baritone respectively. They are joined by lead

singer Mike Leath, bass vocalist Tony Lewis, and now newest member and pianist

David Holt.

Holt is no stranger to gospel music. He was a founding member of the gospel trio,

Renewed, that was based off of Sand Mountain in the 90s. But since that group’s

retirement several years ago, he has prayed for an opportunity to return to traveling.

David will be the group’s pianist as well as an additional vocalist that will be featured on


The Sharps just had their 8th consecutive single with Jan Puryear Promotions, “Worth It

All”, chart on February SN Top 80. They average eighty to one hundred performances

annually and have released four major albums since 2014, with a fifth on the way.

Recently, the quartet has been featured in events such as National Quartet Convention,

Dollywood, Alabama Gospel Roots TV, PBS Television Network, The Gospel Greats,

Gospel Music Today, Singing News, Atlanta Live, and Ascending Sounds TV.

Andy Sharp states, “I’ve dedicated almost forty years of my life to this ministry and its

mission. And at this point in my journey, I am excited at the doors God has closed and

opened for us. I look forward to our followers who are familiar with us in the past 4

decades to hear and be a part of this next chapter.”

Ben Sharp added, “God is using our group in a mighty way, and He has placed the

exact people we need for this particular time in and around our ministry. I know God has

great things in store for our obedience.”

On joining the group, David Holt said, “I’m thankful for Ben and the guys giving me this

opportunity to share the music I love. I’ve really enjoyed getting back on the road and

experiencing the movement of the Holy Spirit as we minister to people. God is still

leading and my place in the group is evolving each week.”