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Title: Walk Water Faith
Artist: The Griffins


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The Edwards Family Worth It Crossroads Airplay Sampler (June 2023)
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The Hyssongs Counting My Blessing Crossroads Airplay Sampler (March-April 2023)
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Steve Doan Good God Volume 4
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The Griffins Walk Water Faith
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Lillie Fink American Christian Chapel Valley Comp 83
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The Old Paths Ordinary People June Radio Sampler 2015
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The Griffins Walk Water Faith
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Anthem Edition I Get That From Him Crossroads Airplay Sampler (July-August 2023)
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Michael Frost Trio Christian On A Mission Chapel Valley Radio Compilation 25
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The Griffins Walk Water Faith
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The Perrys I Think I'll Just Go On StowTown Radio Singles Volume 73
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Small Town Sunday That's What I Love About Sunday August 2023 Radio Disc
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The Singing Cookes There'll Be Gravs In Glory A Tribute To Hubert Cooke - The Singer & Songwriter Disc 1
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The Griffins Walk Water Faith
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The McNichols Big Ole Liar HYM - 2023 Vol. 1 Radio Compilation
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Troy Burns Family Never Have To Wonder If I'll Ever Chapel Valley Comp 84
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Greater Vision A Pile of Crowns 25: Silver Edition Disc 1
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Kelly Wright He'll Do It Again Songs of Inspiration
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Lee Black No Match for His Mercy March 2023 Radio Disc
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Mark Bishop I Met Somebody On The Way To The Cemetery Crossroads Airplay Sampler (September 2023)

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