Weekly Chart


Weekly Chart
From April 8, 2024
To April 14, 2024


This Week Artist Title
1 The Griffins Walk Water Faith
2 Mylon Hayes Family Carry The Glorious Gospel
3 Jim & Melissa Brady Ever Present, Ever Faithful
4 Phillips & Banks When God Dips His Pen of Love in My Heart
5 The Cooke Brothers He Wouldn’t Stay Dead
6 Billy Walker You Saved My Life
7 Endless Highway The End
8 Right Side It Was Jesus
9 Shirah Brothers The Day The Lamb Died
10 Troy Burns Family It Won’t Be Today
11 11th Hour Dear Heavenly Father
12 Austin Glover What This Altar Is For
13 Authentic Unlimited Memories of Home
14 Chelsea Estes Have You Been to Calvary
15 Faithful Crossing I Just Hate To Leave You Here (Ft. Les Butler)
16 Josh & Ashley Franks Follow The Leader
17 Melissa Evans He Loves The Broken
18 Reagan Riddle and Brandon Cairns The Bride Price
19 Scott Brand Same God
20 Scotty Inman My God
21 The Hinson Family Sundays Never End
22 The Hoppers God Of A Second Chance
23 The Southern Plainsmen Quartet Roll Back River Jordan
24 The Yates Family God’s Got A Plan
25 Tim Menzies Made A Mess
26 4 Calvary Day Of Departure
27 Adoration Quartet We’ve Got A Song To Sing
28 Ben Stone Jesus Cares
29 Brenda Rhoades We Need a Move of God
30 Chosen Road The Storm Still Knows His Voice