The Old Paths Announce New Name

Nashville, TN (March 15th, 2023) – In a video release late last year, the award-winning group, The Old Paths, announced the intention of rebranding the group with a new name.  It is with great excitement that the quartet presents its new name: Anthem Edition.

While the name Old Paths served the group well for several years, the ever-increasing popularity of social media has allowed other organizations to lay claim to the term, making it increasingly more difficult to differentiate the acclaimed musical group and the powerful message of Christ’s love and grace found within their music. The rebranding as Anthem Edition will allow these four gentlemen to continue forward with the mission entrusted to them, producing lyrically rich, dynamic music with powerful Biblical truths to reach the lost and encourage the believers.

Along with a new name, Anthem Edition has launched a new website, which can be found at  In the coming months, listeners can expect to see the name transition across social media platforms, publicity outlets, concert events, and more.

“Any kind of change requires great faith, and we are aware that this is a big change for so many people,” shares Anthem Edition. “However, we have felt strongly for quite some time that this change was necessary, and will be extremely beneficial in the long term.  We are grateful for the support we’ve received thus far, and trust that that support, as well as excitement will continue! This transition into becoming Anthem Edition is very exciting for us as a group, and feels like the exact right step into what God has prepared for us moving forward!”

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