Steve Ladd Unveils Solo Masterpiece “Preach The Word”

   In a triumphant return, GMA Hall of Fame inductee and acclaimed musical artist Steve Ladd releases his debut solo single, “Preach The Word.”

   Originating from his transformative Gold City days nearly two decades ago, this anthem has evolved into a powerful force resonating with pastors, evangelists, and devoted listeners—an unwavering call to boldly proclaim the Gospel!

   A powerhouse creation, “Preach The Word” has flourished as one of Steve’s most sought-after melodies, shadowing his artistic journey and captivating audiences. Expressing deep gratitude, Steve rejuvenates the anthem, vowing to sing it for as long as Jesus allows, infusing it with new life and preserving its transformative message. This latest rendition retains the essence of its original call—to “Preach the word, preach the cross, preach redemption.”

 “Preach The Word” is now available for pre-save and will hit major streaming platforms on February 2nd.  For an immersive experience into Steve Ladd’s musical universe, inclusive of tour dates and more, visit

Pre-save “Preach The Word” here: