Pray For Jeremy Peace

I’ve attempted to keep the following health information private until a later date, but as word has started to spread among family and friends, I feel the need to at least give an update so that it comes directly from me. I will be having brain surgery on the 21st of this month, which will…

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Scotty Inman Signs Recording Agreement with Daywind Records

Nashville, TN – Daywind Records has announced the addition of 4-time BMI awarded singer/songwriter Scotty Inman to its stellar lineup of artists. Having spent more than two decades as part of the fan-favorite quartet, Triumphant, Scotty Inman recently announced his intentions to move into a solo career; a decision that will allow him the opportunity…

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The Inspirations’ Reunion LIVE will trace the quartet’s storied history

Arden, North Carolina — In an epic encounter that brought together The Inspirations’ past and present, current and former members of the storied Southern Gospel group gave a performance for the ages at the 2022 National Quartet Convention — and now listeners everywhere can enjoy this unique, uplifting set in the majestic The Inspirations’ Reunion…

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TBN host Gov. Mike Huckabee says lack of “thoughts and prayers” might be what’s behind mass shootings

Prayer is one of the keys to stopping the tragedy of gun violence in America, Gov. Mike Huckabee said.

As twin tragedies unfolded in Dayton and El Paso, some people continue to denounce people of faith, sending "thoughts and prayers" to victims and their families.

However, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says he will continue to offer thoughts and prayers to victims of violence, and he

BREAKING NEWS: Producer and member of The Nelons, Jason Clark undergoes heart cath procedure

Producer Jason Clark, a member of The Nelons and devoted husband to Kelly Nelon Clark, underwent a heart cath procedure today in an undisclosed medical center. 

Jason was accompanied by Kelly’s brother, Todd Nelon.

Jason’s test began around 3pm CST and is a precautionary measure according to a social media comment made by the wife, Kelly, "He’s had chest pains, so they are checking it out."

SINGLE REVIEW: Billy Walker Shines on “Come Along With Me”

Billy Walker’s sizzling new song "Come Along With Me" is the perfect song for Southern Gospel fans wanting to celebrate the coming summer months, church gatherings, or even post-vaccination ripping off the mask.The song, written by his famed mother, Geneva Walker, is breezy fun that will resonate with radio.Starting off his musical life as a talented drummer, "Come Along With Me" proves Billy

The church should stop overlooking unmarried Christians, says Hendrix Trio member

A talented young woman who grew up touring the South as part of a successful Southern Gospel family singing group is calling on church leaders and members to be more inclusive towards unmarried Christians.Being 27 years old and single is unusual in Southern Gospel music and many churches. But Ranessa Hendrix of The Hendrix Trio says unmarried Christians should live their life unashamed.Earlier

SONG REVIEW: Southbound “Address Change Notification”

 A newly-signed trio from Daywind Records called Southbound has released a terrific first single with a slightly unusual name: "Address Change Notification."While the new song’s title might strike some as odd, the lyrics and performance from Southbound are definitely not. Indeed, "Address Change Notification" is one of the best Southern Gospel debut singles of the 2020s.Southern Gospel and