Exciting Plans For NQC 2024

SEVIERVILLE, TN – The National Quartet Convention, Southern Gospel Music’s largest annual event, which takes place each September in Pigeon Forge, TN, has announced plans to change it’s stage configuration from an end-stage setting to a center-stage setting. “Due to distancing protocols that were in place as a result of the world-wide pandemic, we made the change from center stage to an end-stage configuration when we produced the NQC Fall Festival in lieu of the regular Convention during the Covid shutdown in 2020,” states NQC Executive Vice President, Clarke Beasley.
The Convention continued with the end-stage configuration from 2021 until this year as it offered production and cost advantages; however, as Beasley states, the decision has been made to return to the center-stage configuration in an effort to make the overall Convention experience better for the faithful NQC attendees. “We have conducted a number of surveys with event attendees and the results have revealed a strong desire for us to return to the center stage.”
Returning to the center-stage configuration allows the event to return to the identity that made the NQC so popular for over 30 years. “We are very excited to return to this configuration. We believe it will make for an even greater experience to those attending the event,” Beasley states.
According to Beasley and the NQC Board, the primary benefit of the center-stage is that the farthest row from the stage is half the distance to the stage as the farthest row in the end-stage configuration. It also offers more premium seats for customers, as well as more aisle seats, which will create a much more intimate setting in the elaborate LeConte Center, home for the annual event.
Tickets are currently off sale for the 2024 event while iTickets, the event’s point of purchase entity, re-seats season ticket holders, tour and church groups and those who have already purchased tickets. According to Beasley, tickets will go back on sale the middle of January for the 2024 event, which takes place September 22-28.
Complete information regarding the 2024 National Quartet Convention is available by visiting natqc.com.