Buddy Thrasher Passes Away

The Gospel Music world has lost one of its greatest showmen. Buddy went on to join that “Heavenly Parade” that he often sang about.

Born Clyde Lamar Thrasher in 1940, he was known as “Buddy” most of his life.  He is the middle child of three brothers who moved with their parents to Birmingham, Alabama, from Heflin, Alabama, in 1949. Their mother taught them to sing harmony at ages 6, 8, & 10, and they appeared on the Grand Ole Opry in 1948. In 1953, they won the Ted Mack Amateur Hour and appeared on national TV. Buddy added the baritone voice to the group, blending with his brothers Jim and Joe (Thrasher), along with various bass singers over the years.

Their popularity in the Gospel music circuit grew as they became known as dynamic and entertaining, closing many all-night singings in auditoriums across the country. In 1969, they introduced the TV show called America Sings with the Thrasher Brothers, which ran nationally for three years. The Thrasher Brothers were also the group that first introduced the song, “One Day At A Time,” in 1974, which is still recorded by artists today.

Buddy was always known as the comedian of the group. His onstage and offstage antics always entertained and thrilled audiences. One of his most popular routines was to “beg” his brothers to let him sing lead on a song. Not being the lead singer like his brother, Joe, Buddy would carry on onstage, insisting that he be featured on a song. Audiences ate up the banter between Buddy and his older brother, Jim. After being ignored throughout most of the show, Buddy would finally get his chance, and everyone cheered as he finally got to sing lead on a song. But as he began to sing and be featured on “The Heavenly Parade,” the other members of the group would leave the stage, leaving Buddy to continue singing his part by himself, over and over again. Buddy would take off his coat, then his tie, and pretend to be losing his voice, as he continued to sing his part by himself. The crowds loved it, and people lined up for hours to meet this man that made them laugh so much.

Buddy had nothing but good to say about everyone. His positive attitude was contagious as he assured you that it was a beautiful day, and that everything was “just marvelous.”  He was recently preceded in death by his wife, Suzanne, and is survived by: Sons, Michael Dewayne Thrasher and Patrick Lamar Thrasher; Grandsons, Jake Thrasher, Clyde Thrasher, Walter Thrasher, and one granddaughter, Jade Thrasher.

Funeral Service will be held in Birmingham, Alabama, on Saturday, February 4, 2023. Visitation will be at 12:00 p.m., Service at 2:00 p.m. at Ridout’s Trussville Chapel, 1500 Gadsden Highway, Birmingham, Alabama 35235.