Baritone Singer Wanted

Jordans Shore is looking for a Baritone singer. We need someone who is born again and called to minister and sing for God’s glory. We travel most every weekend and some weekdays. This is a paid position and all expenses will be covered. Serious inquiries only please as we have dates that have to be filled. Please call 615-571-1723 and speak with Jimmy L Reynolds to audition. Or email us at  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Is actually Amanda Bynes Shedding it? What you should do As Soon As Girl Acts Nuts

The world wide web was abuzz a week ago with Amanda Bynes’ newest and perhaps most unpleasant selfie. I won’t go into if I think this might be actual or she’s only trolling the entire Internet.

I would rather speak about you skill in case the girlfriend starts acting crazy.

Whenever I state “crazy,” after all certifiably walnuts. I am not talking about this lady performing the types of circumstances women normally accomplish that guys do not understand.

Here are some suggestions on what it is possible to deal as soon as your sweetheart begins shedding it.

1. Evaluate.

The first thing you need to do is examine if or not she’s really being insane.

Is actually she in a bad state of mind? Does she act strangely all over time of the woman period? Does she have a large amount on the mind as a result of operate as well as other stressors?

Never hop to results. She might be acting crazy, or she could just be having a bit of a rough time.

Consider what’s happening with her before deciding she’s acting crazy.

2. Discuss.

If you appear on circumstance and determine everything is a little off, you have to confer with your girlfriend.

Find out if anything is occurring together that you do not understand. There’s a good chance she’s under some sort of anxiety that’s producing her behave unusually.

She might just need you to definitely talk to. Just what better person for this than you?


“Ask the woman friends as long as they believe she’s

already been operating slightly weird.”

3. Speak to her buddies.

Ask the woman pals if they think she is already been behaving a little weird.

I know a man whose girl literally had a psychotic split. To start with he believed she was merely acting a tiny bit funny, but after talking to her friends, all of them decided there clearly was even more happening than that.

You may be concerned about heading behind her right back, however if she’s really operating some crazy, you could be performing the girl a disservice by perhaps not speaking with people best to the lady.

4. Encourage this lady to seek help.

You may possibly not be adequate when it comes to people to speak to. She could need professional help.

Absolutely a stigma within culture encompassing mental health very often stops folks from searching for the treatment they must make do.

You may be the boyfriend by promoting her to get the support she needs to complete a hard duration within her existence.

5. Offer the girl support.

If she is having difficulty from it and is searching for help, which is fantastic. Now it’s your own move to offer her help to assist this lady get through it.

This might be some thing really concrete like offering their a drive to her counselor appointments. Or it could be something a little more obscure like only becoming truth be told there for her – whatever which may mean.

In addition, it suggests you should handle yourself. Make certain you’re working out, getting to manage time, getting the nutrients as well as that stuff. We’re in no place to compliment other individuals when we are not promoting our selves.

6. Go on.

No issue exactly how situations get, you’re going to need to move forward.

She could easily get the help she requires and commence experiencing much better. She might state there’s nothing wrong and work crazier and crazier.

Regardless, you need to move forward, whether meaning letting yesteryear be the past or going toward the entranceway.

At the end of the day, you need to look out for yourself.

Gents, features the sweetheart ever before acted a tiny bit insane? Just how did you take care of it in the correct manner?

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How To Watch The Primitives’ Farewell on SNTV

We don’t want anyone to miss this historic event as the Primitive Quartet say farewell.

Visit, scroll to the bottom and purchase the pay-per-view or click HERE to purchase now.

You’ll be asked to create an account use your email address and a password that you’ll remember, enter your credit card information, don’t worry – our site is 100% secure and all information is encrypted for your protection.

The livestream will begin at 5:30 PM Eastern, May 20, 2023.

You’ll receive an email confirmation of purchase with a link to watch or…

Return to, on the day of the concert, log in with the same email address and password that you created your account with, visit “Library” and you’ll see the Primitives’ pay-per-view image.  Follow the steps onscreen to begin watching.

If you haven’t received an email to watch after purchasing, try logging in with your email address to access Singing News TV video content.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.—One of the most awarded and beloved groups in Southern Gospel this century, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound is celebrating 20 years of music and ministry with a milestone recording event to be held next week in Europe. 
Among a string of long-awaited concerts in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany this month, the multi-GRAMMY® nominated genre tastemakers’ May 20 show at Rafaël Evangelism Center in Amsterdam will be recorded for a forthcoming live album. 
“The Netherlands holds a special place in our hearts,” Haase shares. “It’s such a beautiful country with a rich history, and we’ve always received a warm welcome from audiences. We thought it would be an extraordinary place to record our 20th anniversary project. This album will not only be a celebration of two decades, highlighting the songs that have defined our career, but it’s a celebration of God’s faithfulness.” 
Live In Amsterdam: A 20th Anniversary Celebration will showcase renditions of such Ernie Haase & Signature Sound favorites as “Oh, What a Savior” and the Dove Award-winning “Reason Enough,” among many others. Reflecting on the quartet’s unparalleled career as they stand poised for the future, the recording is set to release later this year from Gospel leader StowTown Records, the label co-founded by Haase. 
“Over the years we’ve had the privilege of singing in so many special places, including the National Day of Prayer, NBA games, NASCAR races, Franklin Graham Crusades, Gaither Homecoming events, and our own tours, both across America and around the world,” Haase continues. “But the biggest highlight for us is the friends we have made along the way and the fans who have become like family. The testimonies of what God has done in their lives—and the fact that He used our music in some fashion to bring about the grace they needed—is the greatest achievement we could ever hope to gain this side of heaven.”

Daywind Music Group Signs TrueSong to New Day Records

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 25th, 2023) – Daywind Music Group has signed on The Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum’s very own resident Gospel group, TrueSong, to New Day Records. The group brings great Gospel music to their large daily audiences, infused with worship, southern, and country sounds. TrueSong is nominated as “Favorite New Artist” for the 2023 Singing News Fan Awards.

TrueSong’s debut radio release and streaming release is “Army of Love,” which will be available for the first time on April 28, debuting on LifeFM with the Family Friendly Morning Show with Rodney and Reagan. TrueSong will release a second song to streaming platforms entitled, “Believe for It” on May 19th, with their full-length albumTell Someone releasing on June 9.

Dusty Wells, director of Artist and Label Relations for Daywind, comments, “For those of us in the A&R part of the music business, every now and then you will hear a group and their ‘sound’ just jumps out at you in the most amazing way. I have known a few of the TrueSong members for several years. Dusty Barrett sent me a couple of demos. I listened and then listened again, and WOW … I knew I had to sign them. I love their heart, their call, their passion and I love that they want to see lives changed with the music that they are bringing to a hurting world.”

Wells added: “What an incredible opportunity for us here at Daywind Music Group to partner with TrueSong and to work with the wonderful and talented team at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, part of the worldwide ministry Answers in Genesis. This new project is a blend of worship, inspirational, and Southern Gospel music that will touch countless lives. I am so excited for everyone to hear the music and share in the message of TRUESONG.”

Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis, adds: “Over the years, secular and Christian media have asked me how we found such talent that exists in the Answers in Genesis ministry and our Ark Encounter and Creation Museum attractions. My answer, ‘just as God brought the animals to Noah, so he brought the people to us.’ And that’s also my answer about the stunning resident artist group for Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, TrueSong.”

Ham noted: “There is no way humanly speaking we could have put a group like this together. God miraculously brought these four unique, extremely talented guys together to form a group that I believe will be a singing sensation in the Christian world. Yes, they really are that good. And they use their talents to impact lives for the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Dusty Barrett of TrueSong comments on the upcoming project, “In 23 years of professional music ministry, this project, Tell Someone, is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of. The team surrounding TrueSong, including our team at AiG, Daywind, our producer, and all of the musicians and engineers, are elite. They made this entire process fun, and the finished project is a result of God putting everyone together at the right time. I’m excited to share this music with the world.”

Stay tuned for more new music from TrueSong and watch them live at the Ark Encounter, south of Cincinnati, in Williamstown, Ky! TrueSong is featured this summer along with more than 100 artists at the world’s biggest Christian musical festival, “40 Days and Nights of Christian Music,” at the Ark Encounter’s Answers Center, August 1-September 9.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 24th, 2023) – The 2nd Annual SGMA of West Virginia Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Concert took place on April 22nd, 2023, at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in Elkview, West Virginia. Dean Hickman, founder of The Guardians Quartet, was among the 8 inducted into the Hall of Fame at the ceremony.

With his tremendous impact and influence on the entire Southern Gospel community, Hickman is more than deserving of this honor. Dean began his career in Southern Gospel music at just 19 years old with The Golden Keys Quartet. In 1988, Hickman founded The Guardians Quartet, now one of the preeminent artists in the Southern Gospel genre with several #1 songs and accolades to their credit. Hickman also contributes greatly in industry leadership serving on the boards of the Southern Gospel Music Association and Sea Walker Media Corporation, among others. He is supporter and encourager of other Southern Gospel artists and has made an immense impact on the Gospel community.

Dean Hickman commented on his induction, “I am extremely proud of my heritage, growing up in the great state of West Virginia. I was part of a great family who loved God and were blessed beyond measure. However, little did I know the blessings that God would bestow upon me throughout my adult life. One of these blessings is when I recently learned that I was being inducted in the West Virginia Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame. This is an unbelievable honor that I cherish from the bottom of my heart. Southern Gospel music has influenced my life since I was a teenager, and I am so thankful to the West Virginia Southern Gospel Music Board for this tremendous honor.”

Dean Hickman has a long history in Southern Gospel music beginning as a 19-year- old with The Golden Keys Quartet. In 1988, he embarked on his current journey as tenor with The Guardians. Dean is a natural encourager, handles the business end of things, and, most importantly, has a genuine heart for the ministry of the Guardians. There is no bigger morale-booster to The Guardians and also to the entire community of Southern Gospel singers than Dean Hickman. He loves this genre of music, and it shows every time he walks on stage.


2nd Chance Ministries is excited to introduce their new tenor, Brian Alvey.

Alvey was born in southern Indiana into a musical family. At age three, he began playing drums with his family group and, shortly after, started singing. From a young age, his desire was to travel and sing after hearing his favorite group, Gold City. That opportunity came along in 2009 when he joined Gary Casto, Josh Singletary and Dennis Dugger as tenor for Tribute Quartet. He would later join the prestigious Kingdom Heirs at Dollywood.

Alvey has enjoyed songwriting success with top ten songs on the Singing News chart and was nominated in the top ten vocal categories in the Singing News fan awards. While with Tribute, the group was awarded the Singing News Fan Awards “Horizon Group of the Year”, and Brian had the privilege to be part of the Kingdom Heir Band that won the Singing News “Band of the Year.”

On joining 2nd Chance Ministries, Brian Alvey said, “This has been a God thing from the outset. 2nd Chance is truly a ministry in every sense of the word, and that’s what I and my family love about it. Ricky, Brandon, Wayne, Donnie, and Randy have welcomed us with open arms. We are looking forward to many years of serving with this great group of people and can’t wait to see lives changed – all to the glory of God.”

2nd Chance group owner Ricky Malloy added, “I’m excited! God had the perfect plan all along. We met with Brian several times , and he went on the road with us a couple weeks.  Brandon and I knew right from thejump that he was the exact fit for us.”

Gary Casto said, “For thirty-eight years, I’ve had the distinct privilege of working with some of Gospel Music’s finest talents. Where Tribute Quartet is concerned, Brian Alvey provided a brilliant quality of musicianship as a vocalist and instrumentalist.”

Jeffrey Chapman added, “Brian has an incredible range vocally and can sing any style. He sings with so much feeling and you can tell he’s singing from his heart and a love for God.”

Brian and his wife, Amber, live in Florence, South Carolina with their children and their puppy, Ollie.

Dr. Charles Stanley, Renowned Minister of The Gospel, Passes.

Dr. Charles Frazier Stanley, the senior pastor at First Baptist Church Atlanta and the founder of In Touch Ministries has died.

For more than five decades, the pastor, broadcaster, and author served on the staff of First Baptist Atlanta. He was named Senior Pastor in 1971, becoming the 16th pastor at the historic church that was founded in 1848. Under Stanley’s leadership, the church saw unprecedented growth.

Stanley, who was born in Dry Fork, Virginia in 1932 would become a pioneer in religious broadcasting. He founded In Touch Ministries in 1977 to in his words, “Get the truth of the Gospel to as many people as possible”. His sermons, podcasts, and devotionals have been seen or heard in more than 115 million homes per week in more than 126 countries around the world.  At the time of his death, Dr. Stanley could be heard in every nation on Earth via radio, shortwave, or television broadcasts. In the United States, the In Touch television program could be seen on 204 stations and seven satellite networks, and the In Touch radio program could be heard on 458 stations and via shortwave radio. In 1988, he was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame. As an author, he wrote more than 60 books including several New York Times bestsellers. He also served for two terms as the president of the Southern Baptist Convention in the 1980s.

Stanley is survived by two children, his daughter Becky and son Andy, who is the founder and senior pastor at Northpoint Ministries. Andy called his dad a role model for pastors.

Stanley was preceded in death by his former wife, the late Anna Stanley who passed away in 2014.

Sea Walker Media Corporation Announces New Board Of Directors

Hendersonville, TN (March 29, 2023) – Sea Walker Media Corporation, parent company of Singing News Brands, is pleased to announce the addition of Joseph and Lindsay Habedank to their Board of Directors.

Joseph and Lindsay declared “For as long as we can remember, we’ve always loved the Singing News Magazine and the Gospel Greats. To partner with two such revered entities is both humbling and exciting. Thank you to Ray Flynn and the Sea Walker Media Board of Directors for welcoming us with open arms.”

Ray Flynn, President of Sea Walker Media Corporation is excited to have both Joseph and Lindsay as Board of Directors and in roles of leadership at our company. Flynn said: “Joseph and Lindsay bring great integrity and unique concepts to our team and are visionaries for the future of our music and industry. Their diversity and willingness to reach all audiences with the gospel of Jesus Christ through music is a blessing.”

Scott Godsey, Chief Executive Officer of Sea Walker Media said “We are thrilled to have Joseph and Lindsay on our board! They are both innovative and creative and we look forward to the ideas they will bring to our company as we continue to grow and look towards the future.”

Paul Pitts has been an instrumental part of Sea Walker Media since its founding and joined the Board of Directors last year. Paul holds many positions and serves in various roles of influence throughout the Southern Gospel Music industry, but his wisdom with acquisitions and nonprofits makes him a tremendous asset to Sea Walker Media Corporation with its growth trajectory and current plans for future acquisitions.

Pastor Neal Jackson will be leaving his seat on the Sea Walker Media board that he has held for the last two years. Jackson was recently elected as the republican to the North Carolina House of Representatives 78th district. With his political responsibilities and pastoral role, Jackson will remain a part of Sea Walker Media, but not in the role of a Director on the Board.


SEA WALKER MEDIA CORPORATION headquarters are based in Hendersonville, TN just minutes from Nashville and is led by President, Ray Flynn, Chief Executive Officer, Scott Godsey, and Vice President, Danny Jones. SEA WALKER MEDIA encompasses, Singing News Magazine, Singing News Radio Network, Singing News Television, The Gospel Greats, TOP 20 Countdown, Front Porch Fellowship, and is home of the Singing News Fan Awards.