Wilburn & Wilburn Score First Number One Song


Gadsden, Alabama (March 18 2016) There was a celebration going on at the Wilburn house when they received word that they had accomplished something new. The outstanding song with a great message for today, “You Asked Him To Leave” garnered the #1 spot on the Singing News Monthly Chart for the month of May.

Penned by Gerald Crabb “You Asked Him To Leave” explains to those people who want to know why bad things are happening in this country and wonder how God could leave us in such bad situations. The song says that we asked Him to leave our schools and we asked Him to leave our Government and even our society. The song is pointed and maybe even controversial, but has a message that needs to be told.

Jonathan Wilburn commented, “We are honored and thankful for the opportunity to sing a song like “You Asked Him To Leave”. We want to say thank you to Gerald Crabb for pitching this song to us, to our record company, Daywind, for all their help and support, to Susan Whisnant for an awesome job promoting the song, and to the Good Lord for blessing our efforts. This is our first number #1 song. Radio DJs have been very kind and gracious to play our music and for that DJs we say thanks for helping us as we carry this message in song!”

Wilburn & Wilburn is having a record year in other ways by receiving 5 nominations for the 2016 AGM Awards bring held in Nashville on April 12th. The song is nominated for Country Song of the Year as well as the album from which this song came, Shoulders, being nominated for the Album of the Year and Country Album of the Year. The group also received a Male Group nomination as well as Jonathan being nominated for his part in the Heritage of Gold Tour for the Pacesetter Award. They also received word that the song is in the top ten for Song of the Year at the Singing News Awards.

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