The MusicCity Show’s “Positive Cowboy” Jim Sheldon Celebrates New CD WithA Party

Nashville, Tennessee (September 1,2015) RFD-TV’s Highly popular ‘The Music City Show’ isthe place you will commonly find the Positive Cowboy. Jim Sheldonproudly wears that name as he sings positive Gospel songs and wearshis signature wide brimmed Cowboy hat. The CD is titled PositivelyFree In Jesus fitting his personality and image.

With new success on the popular TV showcomes a new CD, jam-packed with great new songs written by somefantastic writers and even one penned by Jim himself.

Jim, trying to keep his excitement downstated, “When you have a new CD that you feel the presence of Godon every song, it’s really hard not to be excited. Since some othergreat Christian Country artists were in town, I thought I wouldinvite them to join me….. and they did. We had cake and punch andjust mingled like everyone had known each other for years. It was agood time of celebrating and being thankful for what God has allowedme to do.”

Joining the Positive Cowboy in hiscelebration were people like T. Graham Brown, Chris Golden, MartyRabon, producer Scott Godsey, Tommy Brandt, Chuck Day, and a hostof other Christian Country artists.

In addition to performing as a regularon The Music City Show, Jim can be seen as he travels thecountry singing and sharing the message of what God has done tochange his life and put his feet on the right path.

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