The Freemans Bus Catches Fire On Way Home From Canadian Tour

HENDERSONVILLE, TN (July 28, 2015) Nationally known and multi-award winning Gospel artist, The Freemans bus caught fire in Canada about 30 minutes after leaving a show on their last Canadian Tour Date late Sunday evening as they were headed back home to Hendersonville.

Caylon Freeman, drummer for the band saw smoke in the bunk area of the bus and went for the fire extinguisher. The driver was able to pull over immediately where everyone exited the bus. Witnesses say it appeared to be an electrical fire which was isolated to the bunk areas. The fire was contained and they were able to travel the rest of the way home with the power cut off to that area of the bus. There were three other people on the bus at the time the fire started which included singers Chris, Darrell and Joe Freeman.

Chris Freeman stated, “We are so grateful to have been on the bus at the time and were able to take immediate action. We had just fueled the bus and were headed home. If we had been away from the bus it could have been a very different story. We thank God for his protection over us.”

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