Tenor for Avenue has announces his departure from part-time group and announces new full-time venture!

Daniel Rivera made the announcement of his departure from the group Avenue, via Facebook on Monday, April 19th. Daniel is most notably known for singing with the groups, Blackwood Legacy and the Woodsmen Quartet. Due to Avenue traveling solely part time, Daniel was not able to juggle both his full-time job at home and the group. “With having a full-time job, it was difficult to continue to take days off work to go sing. I knew I had to make a decision to come off the road with Avenue at some point. That point has recently come. Although I only spent a short time with Avenue, I appreciate those guys and love them very much.”

Avenue has recently finished a new studio album that features new lead singer, Jonathan Mattingly, Daniel Rivera and founding member and baritone, Kasey Kemp. The album releases on Friday April 21st. You can pre-order the album on iTunes or online at avenuemusic.net.

Daniel has also announced he has accepted a full-time position with another group and will continue to update us in the near future.

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