Steve Ladd Releases New Video With A Different Twist

Centre, Alabama (August 31, 2015) Renown Gospel soloist, Steve Ladd, has just released a new video with a little different twist to it. A fairly new idea to Southern Gospel Music, instead of the usual concept video where a story about the song is “acted out” by the artist, this new video is a Lyric Video as the words of the song are flashed across the screen in time with the music.

Taken from his latest CD album, On My Own, his chart climbing radio release “Not Guilty” is getting attention, not only for being uniquely different, but for the strong message the song imparts to those who see the video and hear the song. According to reports, there is a stronger reception to the song when the lyrics are being shown as the song is heard.

Here’s the link to this unique video: .

Steve Ladd commented, “The video was Created by SPNCR Design and it’s the first lyric video they have done in our Southern Gospel genre. I think it turned out great! Seeing the words to this song, along with the animation, really brings the song to life. I hope it reaches a lot of people. “Not Guilty” is doing very well at radio, and now on YouTube

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