Master’s Voice Makes A Big Change

Nashville, TN, May 27, 2015- Master’s Voice and Butler Music Group are excited to announce that the well-known Southern Gospel trio is now a quartet.

Regarding the change, Master’s Voice owner/founder, Ricky Capps said, “After 20 years in ministry as a trio, Master’s Voice has decided to make the move to be a quartet.” He added, “Master’s Voice would not even entertain the notion of becoming a quartet unless the bass singer had a show-stopping voice. It became an easy decision once the group understood what Jerry was all about.”

Ricky Capps was speaking of Jerry Pilgrim. No stranger to Gospel Music, Pilgrim certainly has the voice Capps was looking for.

Les Butler, Butler Music Group President and Master’s Voice Manager states, “Ricky sent me an mp3 featuring the new quartet line-up. I can say without hesitation that I heard what I think is the next big male quartet in Southern Gospel Music. I am speechless!”

Ricky Capps has been the Master’s Voice tenor for 20 years. Ricky is a gifted communicator of the Gospel who’s passion and motivation is really a staple of what people expect from the group. Master’s Voice is not just a singing group. They are an evangelism team and much of that is centered around Ricky’s call to preach.

Justin Morphis has been singing since he was 16. But he’s not just a “voice.” Justin has a story to tell, and it makes for a dynamic presence. “Lead” singer is the perfect way to describe Justin.

Master’s Voice also recently added Stan Watson at baritone. Stan has made a
living singing lead and tenor, but has perhaps found his best fit as baritone for Master’s Voice. If a good baritone brings versatility, then Stan is a perfect addition. His love for people is obvious.

Rounding out Master’s Voice is musician Theron Perry. Capps said, “Musician” is both vague and telling when explaining what Theron brings. Theron plays the piano and guitar which allows Master’s Voice to float their sound from traditional to country…from easy-listening to a powerhouse ballad, and at 18 years old, this is only the beginning for Bristow, Oklahoma’s prodigious son.

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