Bev McCann and Friends Finish Successful Tour

Murfreesboro, TN (April 30, 2015) Bev McCann’s dream was to form a troupe of her friends in Gospel Music ministry and travel the country with a life changing message that would change lives forever. That dream is coming true with the formation of Bev McCann and Friends.

Consisting of Bev’s Friends are The Positive Cowboy (from the popular TV program The Music City Show) Jim Sheldon, Rachel Taylor, Campbell & Rowley, the Lori Jonathan Trio, and Don and Joy McCloud. While none of these friends are household names yet, their enthusiasm to do the work the Lord has called them to is unmatched by any big named artist.

The artists have toured though CA and recently through OH, MI, IN, KY, AL and TN. On this most recent tour over 200 came people to hear Bev McCann and Friends. Everyone left with a touch from heaven. It was a marvelous day.

Here is what the people said:

“I had lots of prayers answered. Yesterday was the best day I have had in years,” exclaimed Brenda Duvendak, “It was totally awesome. I’m so thankful for living Hope.”

Tom and Brenda’s daughter Hannah decided to follow Christ right after the concert. Helping her make that decision was one of the artists, Rachel Taylor.

Bev Zuvers shared that it had been a struggle to come to Sunday school, but then she heard Bev McCann talk about choices. “I didn’t feel like I wanted to come to Sunday school. I just wanted to stay in bed and only come to church. I wasn’t focused on God. I am so thankful I came.” “Listening to Bev McCann talk about choices was so appropriate. It touched my heart and spirit.”

Deb Nelson was at the church during the day and got to hear the group practice for the evening concert. “You could just feel the Holy Spirit when they were practicing,” she said. “It was beautiful.”

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