Joyaires Announce that Vocalist Anna Brooks is Now Full Time with their Ministry

Harriman, TN (August 23, 2016) Southern Gospel trio, the Joyaires of Harriman, TN are pleased to announce that longtime vocalist Anna Brooks will be joining Ernie and Debbie Peters in full time service to the Lord. While the Joyaires have maintained a full time schedule for years, Anna has also held a full time job. This move will allow the Joyaires to expand their ministry, enhancing their ability to travel and minister across the country in concerts, revivals, camp meetings and other events.

Anna Brooks said “A lifelong dream of being full time in music ministry has finally come true and I am forever grateful that the Lord has made this possible. I’m looking forward to seeing many souls saved, and hearts touched.”

In welcoming Anna to this full time position, the Joyaires are inviting pastors, promoters and others in the industry to reach out and discuss supporting the group as they move forward in ministry.

The Joyaires can be reached at 865-435-6147, or 865-250-6417. They can also be found on Facebook, as well as online at


Dollywood’s 2016 Southern Gospel Harvest Celebration Dates

Artist Date
Allegiance Trio Oct. 02
Booth Brothers Oct. 13
Brian Free & Assurance Sept. 30 – Oct. 01
Dallas West Oct. 06, 28
Eighth Day Oct. 10
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Oct. 16-17
Eternal Vision Oct. 06, 26
Freedom Quartet Oct. 01
Gold City Oct. 21-22
Gordon Mote Oct. 12
Greater Vision Oct. 19-20
Guy Penrod Oct. 14-15
Heartline Oct. 23-24
Heaven’s Mountain Band Oct. 28-29
Inside Out Oct. 19-20
Jaidyns Call Oct. 16-17
Jeff & Sheri Easter Oct. 28-29
Jeff Stice Oct. 24
Jim Brady Trio Oct. 10
JP Miller Oct. 09-10
Justin Terry Oct. 01, 05
Karen Peck & New River Oct. 19-20
Kingdom Heirs Sept. 30-Oct. 03, 06-10, 13-17, 20-24, 27-29
Lindsey Graham Oct. 03
Lineage of David Oct. 26-27
Mark Dubbeld Family Oct. 12-13
Michael Wayne Smith Oct. 03, 29
Mountain Faith Oct. 3
Mountain Joy Oct. 08-09
New Ground Oct. 07-08
Pauls Journey Sept. 30
Perkins Revival Oct. 05
Promise Trio Oct. 23
Purpose Quartet Oct. 09, 28
Sacred Calling Oct. 07, 23
Sandi Patty Sept. 30 – Oct. 01
Sherry Anne Sept. 30
Southern Raised Oct. 28-29
Terry Collins Oct. 15, 21
The Arenos Oct. 21-22
The Ball Brothers Oct. 08
The Bilberbacks Oct. 26-27
The Bowlings Oct. 05
The Chandlers Oct. 19, 27
The Erwins Oct. 26-27
The Foodhills Quartet Oct. 02, 29
The Furrows Oct. 01
The Gabbards Oct. 24
The Gibsons Oct. 08, 17
The Griffins Sept. 30
The Griffith Family Oct. 03, 09, 23
The Guardians Sept. 30
The Hoppers Oct. 02-03
The Hyssongs Oct. 05-06
The Isaacs Oct. 05-06
The Joyaires Oct. 03, 24
The Lore Family Oct. 12-13
The Martins Oct. 09-10
The McKameys Oct. 07-08
The McNeills Oct. 10
The Millers Oct. 02
The Mylon Hayes Family Oct. 07-08
The Nelons Oct. 06
The Omega Quartet Oct. 13-14
The Partons Oct. 22
The Perrys Oct. 23-24
The Phillips Family Oct. 06-07
The Porter Family Oct. 01, 21
The Roarks Oct. 16
The Sneed Family Oct. 17
The Stephens Oct. 19-20
The Talleys Oct. 09
The Whisnants Oct. 07
The Wilbanks Oct. 14
The Wisecarvers Oct. 14-15
Three Bridges Oct. 22
Three Parts Grace Oct. 15-16
Tommy Spencer Oct. 02, 20, 22
Tribute Quartet Oct. 02
Triumphant Quartet Oct. 26-27
Troy Burns Family Oct. 05, 10, 12
Wilburn & Wilburn Oct. 21

*All information is subject to change without notice*

Bev McCann Lands #1 Song

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee (August 17, 2016) During The Christian Country Expo 2016 Shellem Cline & Rob Patz Announced That Bev McCann Had Won The Number 1 Song For The Month Of August For The SGN Scoops Chart For Her Song “24 Hours A Day”. Bev Who Thought The Song Was Number 2 For The Month Of August Was In Complete Shock When She Heard The News That Her Song Was In Fact The Number 1 Song For The Month. When The Award Was Given To Her All You Could Hear Was Her Screaming Through Out The Whole Building.

Bev McCann With One Of SOGR Radio's Owners Brandon Bearden

Bev McCann With One Of SOGR Radio’s Owners Brandon Bearden

Karen Peck and New River Anticipate Gatlinburg Gathering

Dahlonega, Georgia (August 16, 2016) Karen Peck and New River is gearing up for one of the most exciting events taking place in Tennessee this fall, the Gatlinburg Gathering. This year’s event starts Wednesday, August 17th through the 20th in Gatlinburg and has become a perennial favorite for Gospel Music fans as well as those who love to hear renown speakers share the Word.

The location lends itself to a family friendly environment that allows attendees to enjoy the shopping of Gatlinburg as well as Pigeon Forge. They also have many fun family attractions and sights to keep the parents, children, and grand-parents entertained between concerts.

Karen stated, “As always we are looking forward to the Abraham Productions event in Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg Gathering is a very special week of fantastic music and preaching. I love being a part of Abraham Productions because I feel like we are making an impact in this world for the Lord. I hope that every one is making plans to be there this week. I promise you will be blessed!”

Some of your favorite artists will be performing including Ivan Parker, Canton Junction, Jason Crabb, The Hoppers, Tribute, Isaacs, Booth Brothers, Whisnants, HIGHROAD, Karen Peck and New River and more.

For more information about artists, speakers, times, and tickets go to


Pruitt Family Releases First Lyric Video

Jefferson, Georgia (August 12, 2016) Ever growing in popularity, The Pruitt Family, has recently released their first Lyric Video and it is available on Always staying on the cutting edge, the Pruitt Family has joined the progressive thinking artist in Gospel Music with this new form of presenting the Gospel message.

“God’s Appointed Time”, their current radio single written by Matthew Browder, is a powerful song that creates a tremendous impact as the words come to life when you hear the song while words are exploding across the screen. There is something special about this form of video that is new to Southern Gospel Music. Flashes of lightning throughout the video inspired by the empowering lyrics speaks about going through the storms of life

Tina Pruitt said “The words in this song are so stirring and inspiring. Every listener can relate somehow. Everybody goes through life’s storms, and this is an awesome reminder that, in God’s appointed time, each of us will come out with a better understanding, and greater testimony of God’s love.” continuing Tina commented “He’ll give you a story, and He’ll get the glory in God’s Appointed Time.”

Brooke Pruitt stated, “We wanted to make sure that the video clearly portrayed the strong message in this song, and I believe it does just that. From ‘The waves bow down to His will,’ to ‘The radiant light will break through the gloom,’ every line is illustrated perfectly throughout the entire video. I’m so happy we were able to bring these powerful lyrics to life! I hope you all enjoy our new video.”

The new video produced by Sight of Canaan Productions can be viewed here:


Jim Sheldon, The Positive Cowboy, Receives TV Show Of The Year

Stanford, Kentucky (August 11, 2011) The ICGMA (International Country Gospel Music Association) recently honored Jim Sheldon, The Positive Cowboy, with 5 nominations at their 60th Annual Convention and Awards Show. Nominated for the Album of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, ICGMA Award of Excellence, Video of the Year, and TV Show of the Year, Jim came home with big TV Show of the Year Award.

The Music City Show, a creation of Jim Sheldon and Scott Godsey, is a nationally distributed television program.

Jim Sheldon says, “I am extremely honored to accept this award for the MCS. We all have worked very hard and we all feel very blessed to a part of something that is making a difference. I give God all the Glory for giving me the opportunity to do what I do. I want to say Thank you to all of you that voted for our show we are blessed. Scott Godsey and Bev McCann along with Tim Lovelace and all the folks that work so hard to put this show together for our viewers, I know we all feel very blessed and honored to do what we do. Staying Positive for Jesus.

Bev McCann commented, “I am so excited and feel so blessed to be here today and accept this award with Jim Sheldon for the MCS, we both wish Scott and Tim could be here with us. As Jim said we all work very hard and there are a lot of things that goes on behind the scenes and we could not do what we do without everyone of them. So a great big thank you to all that voted for the MCS and to all that work with us on the MCS. God is so Good.”

Now in its 60th year of existence for the ICGMA, it is the oldest Country Gospel Music Organization in America. Throughout these many years, Artist, Fans, and Industry alike have found the ICGMA a wonderful place of fellowship, friendship, and ministry, as they have worked together to advance this great musical art form, and to build the kingdom of God.

Dr. W. Lindsey Thompson and Billy Holcomb founded the I C G M A (International Country Gospel Music Association). They had a strong vision to unite those who loved and ministered in the Country Gospel Music field. They felt by uniting and working together with artists from all over the world, they could form a bond and build a music industry that could truly spread God’s message of salvation through the Country music that so many love. They knew that good Christian music can sometimes reach a soul when nothing else can. They had a vision to have a music ministry association with great integrity, high moral standards, and that would be open to everyone, not just an elite few. The culmination of these ideas are ICGMA Awards.