Browders Land Fifth Number One From Time Machine Project

Hiltons, Virginia (September 25, 2015) Claiming the #1 spot on both the Absolutely Gospel Music Weekly Chart and the Singing News Monthly Chart for the title cut from their latest CD Time Machine, the Browders are living up to their name as a group who consistently produces number one songs.

Sitting at the number one spot for four consecutive weeks on the Absolutely Gospel Music Weekly Chart and landing at the number one spot for the month of November in the Singing News Monthly chart “Time Machine” is a song straying from their usual Southern Gospel format, but still strong enough to climb to the top of both charts. Perhaps it’s because the message of the song is so strong, encouraging us to remember that we cannot go back in a time machine and we need to love our kids and family now and do what we are going to do for Jesus now, before our time runs out.

Lead singer for the group, Matthew Browder commented, “The overwhelming support we have received in radio the last few years has been nothing short of miraculous. We are thankful for His favor on our lives and ministry.”

In addition to the success of their songs, the Browders are pleased to announce the addition of a live band now traveling with them. Sonya Browder has already been playing the keyboard on select song as well as Matthew, David, and Tommy Browder playing guitars on select songs now the addition of Burton Ludwig playing electric and acoustic guitar and Derek Cress on drums, they are displaying a full band and the sound is terrific.

Sonya stated, “For many years, we have had the desire to carry a full band on the road, but knew it would have to be in the Lord’s will and timing. Among the four of us, we already had acoustic lead, rhythm guitar, bass, and keyboard. So the addition of drums and electric lead is just the icing on the cake. It has given us the flexibility of playing songs completely live, and in the coming months, you will see us do even more of that.”

Burton Ludwig is 23 years old and Sonya’s brother, hailing from the great state of Maine. He started spending the summers with Matt and Sonya in Tennessee when he was just 15 years old. He would go on the road with The Browders, carrying equipment and help in any way he could. The summer he was almost 17, just before he went back home, Matt and Tommy showed him a few chords on the guitar. By the time he came back down the next summer, he had advanced tremendously and they found out he had been practicing nearly every day, teaching himself by watching YouTube videos. When he graduated high school, he joined the Browders full-time, for about 3 years. He took a year’s sabbatical to spend time with his mom and dad (who are nearly 80) back in Maine, but is now back on the road, more sure of his calling now than ever before.

Matt said “Burton joyfully did the menial tasks of loading equipment in and out and assisting us in any way he could for several years. I believe God saw his effort and heart and has gifted him and promoted him for his humble service. We’re thrilled he is part of the team.”

Derek Cress is 25 years old and has been in full-time ministry for over 5 years with an evangelistic team and Christian theater in our local area of Kingsport, TN. While the Browders were praying about adding a full-time drummer to their band, they had no idea that God was also speaking to Derek about taking his talent on the road. He contacted David Browder via Facebook stating that fact, and within a few months, he joined the group. He came highly recommended by the ministry he was formerly with and you can see why. He has a servant’s heart, and a genuine love for the Lord, as well as an undeniable calling.

Patriarch of the group, Tommy Browder added, “We are thrilled he is part of the team and it already feels like he’s one of the family.”

The Williamsons Release Moving New Video Titled Monday

Weleetka, Oklahoma (September 25, 2015) Multi-award nominated Gospel group, the Williamsons, is releasing their brand new Video, Monday, on Monday September 28th in conjunction with their participation at the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

They are releasing this new concept video to a song penned by group member Lisa Williamson titled “Monday”. The song stresses the importance of raising our children in the fear of the Lord everyday of the week. From the perspective of a child to their parent the song says, “You don’t have to preach a sermon like the preacher does on Sunday to show me how a Christian lives on Monday.”

Baritone and manager of the group, Donnie Williamson stated, “This video is without a doubt one of the most exciting things we have done in getting the message of the Gospel out to the world. The tune of the song is beautiful, but the message is so important for the days we are living in. Good meaning people are so busy about their daily lives that they forget about teaching their children about the Lord through their lives everyday, not just on Sunday.”

The video was filmed and directed by Adam Wagner and Caylon Freeman of Big Merlin Production. The Executive Producer was Donnie Williamson assisted by Les Butler of the Butler Music Group.

Filmed on location near Hendersonville, Tennessee at the Station Camp Baptist Church and at the beautiful home of Jonathan and Mary Ann Jackson who performed as the parents in the film. Both locations are perfect settings to insure that the message is coming across as clear as possible.

The role of the Sunday School teacher is played by a long time friend of The Williamsoms, Dawn Doss of Lynchburg, Virginia. Dawn is president of Central Virginia Angel Hearts and promotes Gospel music benefits for people in need throughout central Virginia. The roles of the children were played by Donnie and Lisa’s daughters, Sadie and Olivia Williamson.

The video is scheduled for a world wide release on Monday, September 28th, at 7:00 AM. Be sure to check the Williamsons website at, or The Williamsons Facebook page to be one of the first to participate in the premier of this beautiful presentation. The Williamsons desire is that the presentation will encourage Christians around the world to train their children in the grace and admonition of the Lord.

Ricky Braddy Of American Idol Season Eight Joins Karen Peck And New River

Dahlonega, Georgia (September 14, 2015) Three time GRAMMY® Award Nominated and three time Dove winning group, Karen Peck and New River is excited to announce the addition of Season Eight American Idol contestant, Ricky Braddy as the newest member of their group.

Bringing with him not only a great voice, but a wonderful stage personality, Braddy brings a lot to offer the group. With his experience from younger years singing with his parents Gospel group, Ricky has an understanding of what it means to sing with conviction to get the Gospel message across.

Karen Peck Gooch said, “Ricky is such an anointed singer. We cannot wait for all for our fans to meet him and hear him sing. We are so blessed that God has led him to our Ministry.”

Ricky stated, “I couldn’t be more excited to be joining such an awesome group. It is obvious that God is working through Karen Peck and New River, and I am so thankful to be a part of it.”

Ricky Braddy, a graduate of Belmont University, is a Christian/Worship artist living in Nashville, TN. Growing up in rural North Carolina, Ricky developed his love for music in the church. Sibling duets, family quartets, and Gospel trios were some of the first musical experiences he gained. One of his most notable endeavors was on season 8 and made it to the top 15 of Fox’s hit reality television show, American Idol.

After his departure from American Idol, Ricky spent the next few years working on original music that was released in the summer of 2013. The opportunity to return to the music he loves and the passion that drives him has been incredibly fulfilling. He is very passionate about creating music that will bring glory to God. Ricky is continuing to follow the leadership of God’s Spirit in his life.

Be watching for more great things in the future from Karen Peck and New River.

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Successful Western Tour For Bev McCann and Friends

Nashville, Tennessee (September 9, 2015) The very popular Gospel troupe, Bev McCann and Friends have recently completed a highly successful Western United States tour with stops in California, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, and New Mexico.

The group making up Bev’s Friends include The Positive Cowboy (from the popular TV program The Music City Show) Jim Sheldon, Rachel Taylor, Campbell & Rowley, the Lori Jonathan Trio, and Don McCloud. While none of these friends are household names yet, their enthusiasm to do the work the Lord has called them to is unmatched by any big named artist.

Performing a mix of old familiar favorites and brand new songs this group is making a hit wherever they go. Ministering in areas that do not get much Southern Gospel Music brought their way, the group feels they are reaching a lot of people who do not regularly hear the Gospel in song.

Leader of the group, Bev McCann stated, “The 2015 tour with BM& F was an amazing tour. We saw life’s touched changed, spirits lifted and encouraged. It’s a wonderful blessing to work with some of the best people in the business including Campbell & Rowley, Lori Jonathan Trio, Jim Sheldon ‘The Positive Cowboy’, Rachel Taylor, and Don McCloud. When we go out as BM&F people are so amazed at the unity and love that flows through the crowd from the stage. We are all honored to do what we are doing for the Kingdom. We were able to hook up with one of our friends while in California, the Jordan River boys who are also a part of the BM&F family. We are all looking forward to our 2016 tour.”.

A portion of all the Bev McCann and Friends concerts go to support Mercy Ministries, a home for girls in need, and also the Wounded Warriors.

The Music City Show’s Positive Cowboy, Jim Sheldon commented, “We all told the Lord that we would go wherever and whenever He opened the door to spread the Gospel message. That’s what He has done and that’s what we so excited about doing.”.

Three Bridges Announces Contest Winners

Nashville, Tennessee (Sept 1, 2015) We have the winners to open for Three Bridges at the West Birmingham Homecoming. It wasn’t easy, but all the “Likes”, “Comments” and “Shares” from the Three Bridges FaceBook page have been counted.

The solo winner is Jesse Fuson from Haleyville, AL and the group winner is Spoken For Trio from Prattville, AL. They will both open for Three Bridges at the West Birmingham Homecoming to be held at Adamsville Church of God, Adamsville, AL on Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 6:30 PM.

Elliot McCoy of Three Bridges commented, “The contest was a great success and we thank all who participated by either posting a video or by liking, commenting, and sharing the videos of the contestants. More than 1500 different people liked, commented or shared over the past 3 weeks and we heard some great talent.”

On a side note Three Bridges picked up over 500 LIKES during the contest as well. It’s all about getting more of the Gospel to more people.

Sneed Family Presents Bus Tour With Two Great Concerts In Amish Country

Glasgow, Kentucky (September 2, 2015) In a unique concert series the Sneed Family will be taking a very large bus filled with Gospel Music fans to the great state of Pennsylvania, right in the middle of Amish Country. All this is happening April 19 – 23, 2016.

Just think if you could go back in time for just a short while and then return to your normal life. With a trip to the Amish Country you can experience the slower paced life and enjoy two great Gospel concerts at night. The trip will be phenomenal, meeting new friends and letting your hair down with old friends. The food will be terrific enjoying the home cooking of those amazing Amish cooks, and the sights will be extraordinary, so have your camera ready.

The concerts will feature the Sneed Family, HIGHROAD, Tony Gore, JP Miller, and the Hyssongs.

Jeff Sneed of the Sneed Family says, “Come on and join us for a relaxing trip with unique surroundings, great food and shopping and two wonderful concerts with the best Gospel music you will ever hear.

Also on the schedule is the Annual Loretta Lynn Music Festival held at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee coming September 12 and 13, 2015. The concert will feature The Sneed Family, the Hoppers, Angie Primm, Goodman Revival, Karen Peck and New River, the McKameys, the Freemans, and a host of other talent. Eddie Deitz will be conducting the Sunday morning Chapel service at 10:00.

Steve Ladd Releases New Video With A Different Twist

Centre, Alabama (August 31, 2015) Renown Gospel soloist, Steve Ladd, has just released a new video with a little different twist to it. A fairly new idea to Southern Gospel Music, instead of the usual concept video where a story about the song is “acted out” by the artist, this new video is a Lyric Video as the words of the song are flashed across the screen in time with the music.

Taken from his latest CD album, On My Own, his chart climbing radio release “Not Guilty” is getting attention, not only for being uniquely different, but for the strong message the song imparts to those who see the video and hear the song. According to reports, there is a stronger reception to the song when the lyrics are being shown as the song is heard.

Here’s the link to this unique video: .

Steve Ladd commented, “The video was Created by SPNCR Design and it’s the first lyric video they have done in our Southern Gospel genre. I think it turned out great! Seeing the words to this song, along with the animation, really brings the song to life. I hope it reaches a lot of people. “Not Guilty” is doing very well at radio, and now on YouTube

Tune-In Alert Karen Peck and New River On Sirius XM

Nashville, Tennessee (September 2, 2015) You won’t want to miss this time of exclusive live performance with Karen Peck and New River coming to EnLighten Sirius XM.

Join Karen Peck and New River, performing in the Sirius studio, this Saturday, September 5th at 1 PM Eastern time. Karen sings songs off her latest album, Pray Now, and she even throws in a few of their all-time favorites.

Karen Peck and New River are one of the most popular artists in Southern Gospel Music. Tune-in and you will understand just why everyone loves Karen Peck and New River.

Don’t miss it! Rebroadcasts: September 6th at 6 PM EDT, September 8th at 11 AM EDT, and September 9th at 11 PM EDT.

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The MusicCity Show’s “Positive Cowboy” Jim Sheldon Celebrates New CD WithA Party

Nashville, Tennessee (September 1,2015) RFD-TV’s Highly popular ‘The Music City Show’ isthe place you will commonly find the Positive Cowboy. Jim Sheldonproudly wears that name as he sings positive Gospel songs and wearshis signature wide brimmed Cowboy hat. The CD is titled PositivelyFree In Jesus fitting his personality and image.

With new success on the popular TV showcomes a new CD, jam-packed with great new songs written by somefantastic writers and even one penned by Jim himself.

Jim, trying to keep his excitement downstated, “When you have a new CD that you feel the presence of Godon every song, it’s really hard not to be excited. Since some othergreat Christian Country artists were in town, I thought I wouldinvite them to join me….. and they did. We had cake and punch andjust mingled like everyone had known each other for years. It was agood time of celebrating and being thankful for what God has allowedme to do.”

Joining the Positive Cowboy in hiscelebration were people like T. Graham Brown, Chris Golden, MartyRabon, producer Scott Godsey, Tommy Brandt, Chuck Day, and a hostof other Christian Country artists.

In addition to performing as a regularon The Music City Show, Jim can be seen as he travels thecountry singing and sharing the message of what God has done tochange his life and put his feet on the right path.

Ashley DeRamus Makes A Life Changing Journey To India

Hoover, Alabama (September 1, 2015) Most recently, Ashley DeRamus was named Advocate of the Year 2015 by Down Syndrome International. She traveled to India August 7-22, 2015 spending time traveling and visiting with children before accepting her award on the 21st.

While a trip to India is exciting with visits to landmark places such as the Taj Mahal and receiving an international award is thrilling for anyone Ashley and her traveling companions were transformed by their interaction with the citizens of the poorest part of the country.

Ashley and her companions saw the best and the worst India has to offer. From a dying man lying on the side of a road with only a shirt who was saved by her staff and others to the love of a mother whose baby with Down syndrome is sick and needs help.

Ashley stated, “Thank God for blessing me with Down syndrome so that I can be who I am, a Down syndrome advocate so that I can give hope to others. To meet all the wonderful people of India who have touched my heart the children who l came to love so much and my new friends from around the world.”

Ashley was deeply moved by the plight of many in India. The hearts of those with her were touched as well. Her mother Connie DeRamus, Kim Whitlock who is a director of the foundation, Gary Kannegiesser is the executive director of the Ashley DeRamus Foundation and business manager of Ashley by Design as well as Video Journalist, Mick Richards who went to document the trip.