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Master’s Voice Makes A Big Change

Master’s Voice Makes A Big Change

Nashville, TN, May 27, 2015- Master’s Voice and Butler Music Group are excited to announce that the well-known Southern Gospel trio is now a quartet.

Regarding the change, Master’s Voice owner/founder, Ricky Capps said, “After 20 years in ministry as a trio, Master’s Voice has decided to make the move to be a quartet.” He added, “Master’s Voice would not even entertain the notion of becoming a quartet unless the bass singer had a show-stopping voice. It became an easy decision once the group understood what Jerry was all about.”

Ricky Capps was speaking of Jerry Pilgrim. No stranger to Gospel Music, Pilgrim certainly has the voice Capps was looking for.

Les Butler, Butler Music Group President and Master’s Voice Manager states, “Ricky sent me an mp3 featuring the new quartet line-up. I can say without hesitation that I heard what I think is the next big male quartet in Southern Gospel Music. I am speechless!”

Ricky Capps has been the Master’s Voice tenor for 20 years. Ricky is a gifted communicator of the Gospel who’s passion and motivation is really a staple of what people expect from the group. Master’s Voice is not just a singing group. They are an evangelism team and much of that is centered around Ricky’s call to preach.

Justin Morphis has been singing since he was 16. But he’s not just a “voice.” Justin has a story to tell, and it makes for a dynamic presence. “Lead” singer is the perfect way to describe Justin.

Master’s Voice also recently added Stan Watson at baritone. Stan has made a
living singing lead and tenor, but has perhaps found his best fit as baritone for Master’s Voice. If a good baritone brings versatility, then Stan is a perfect addition. His love for people is obvious.

Rounding out Master’s Voice is musician Theron Perry. Capps said, “Musician” is both vague and telling when explaining what Theron brings. Theron plays the piano and guitar which allows Master’s Voice to float their sound from traditional to country…from easy-listening to a powerhouse ballad, and at 18 years old, this is only the beginning for Bristow, Oklahoma’s prodigious son.

The Music City Show Announces Fourth Season

The Music City Show Announces Fourth Season

Nashville, Tenn (May 26, 2015) The popular RFD-TV Gospel music variety program The Music City Show is excited to announce the opening of Season Four on Thursday, May 28th, with more great talent and even a giveaway to create an even more energized atmosphere.

Season Four features some of Gospel and Country music’s most popular artists. Aaron Tippen, Michael English, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Gordon Mote, Mark Trammell Quartet, Whisnants, Don Moen, Allison Speer, Freemans, Tim Lovelace, Blackwood Brothers, and The Freedom Singers, as well as the show regulars, the Positive Cowboy – Jim Sheldon, and the Blue Jean Band.

Daywind Requests Support for Ricky Free Family

Daywind Requests Support for Ricky Free Family

Hendersonville, TN (May 22, 2015) – Producer, drummer and Daywind songwriter, Ricky Free, broke his hip last week due to a tumor that had weakened his bone. Through an extensive surgery, the doctors successfully removed the tumor and reconstructed Ricky’s hip. He is facing several weeks of immobility and physical therapy during which time he will not be able to work.

Ricky and his wife Kelly are loved members of the Christian music community. Our prayers are with them and their two boys, Jude and Graham. Ricky’s Daywind family has made this opportunity available for those who would like to help the Free Family financially during this difficult time.

Thank you for your consideration in supporting the Free Family. It is easy. Go to for more information. You can also share a personal note on this page, or you can send an email to

Ben And Faye Speer Honored By Trevecca Nazarene University

Ben And Faye Speer Honored By Trevecca Nazarene University

On Saturday, May 9, 2015, Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, TN, conferred honorary Doctorate of Letters degrees to Faye and Ben Speer.

The degrees were in recognition of their years of Christian service and support of the university. Faye attended Trevecca from 1946 until 1948, when she married Brock. She went back and completed her degree, graduating in 1974.

Ben graduated from Trevecca in 1954. Faye and Ben join her husband and his brother, Brock Speer, who was honored with the same degree in 1995. Brock graduated Trevecca in 1950.

Ricky Free To Undergo Major Hip Surgery (UPDATED June 6)

Ricky Free To Undergo Major Hip Surgery (UPDATED June 6)

Brian Free, of Brian Free & Assurance, has requested prayers for his son, Ricky.

On May 22nd, at 1:45pm Central, this update was posted on the Brian Free & Assurance Facebook page:

Well Ricky's going home today!!!!! The pathology report came back and once again God showed up "The tumor is benign"!!!!

Pleas continue to pray for him, Kelly and the boys as he has a long hard road to recovery. Thank you all once again for your prayers. If you know God is good "Say Amen"!

On May 20th, the following was posted on the Brian Free & Assurance Facebook page:

Ricky is doing good today. He's started rehab and with the help of a walker moved around a few times today. The surgeon told me and Pam this morning he was amazed at how things were when he got in there. He and the MRI told a different story before surgery. There is NO doubt in my mind of what GOD did before surgery. I COULD SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOP, GOD PERFORMED A MIRACLE!!!!!!!

Thank you all for all the prayers and support the last few days. He has a long road to full recovery but is well in his way. He'll be back to playing the drums like only he can do in no time at all. Thank you Jesus!

He gave an update on Ricky on the Brian Free & Assurance Facebook page(May 19th):

"Let me start this post by saying PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! Ricky is out of surgery, they were able to get all of the tumor and have rebuilt the bone with cement, metal plates and screws. Will will know in a few days the result of the biopsy but the doctor felt like we have nothing to worry about. He will be walking with crutches for six weeks and IF there are future surgeries they would be months or longer away from now.

I cannot tell all of you how much I appreciate the amazing outpouring of prayers and concern for my family. If I could hug each and every one of you right now I would. Thank you for being a part of our ministry. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!"

See the full original request below, as posted on the Brian Free & Assurance Facebook page:

"I wanted to wait until I knew more before posting.

My oldest son Ricky is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. He broke his hip bone on Thursday of this past week. They found a tumor on the bone that caused it to deteriorate and break in two. They are pretty sure the tumor is benign but won't know for sure until the biopsy. They will be doing a partial or complete hip replacement surgery and some reconstruction.

Needless to say we all know the master physician has him in the palm of his hand but it's still a hard time. Please keep him and all of us in your prayers and I will update you tomorrow after the surgery. Thank you so much for your prayers."

as posted on the Brian Free & Assurance Facebook page:
Just wanted to let everyone know how Ricky’s doing.

His doctor told him he has another 5 weeks before he can start physical therapy. His surgery was so intense he doesn’t want him putting ANY pressure on the leg until then. The leg is healing good and he should be back on the drums for our tracking session in August. God is so good and I thank him a thousand times a day for keeping his hand on my boy.

Please continue to pray that all goes well. Thanks so much for the AMAZING response in prayers and financial support that you’ve shown my son. You are the best and I love you all!

The Hyssongs Release New Book On The Life Of Makayla

The Hyssongs Release New Book On The Life Of Makayla

This Mother’s Day, The Hyssongs released Makayla’s Heart: Moment By Moment, a book which chronicles their journey through heartaches and triumphs.

On July 19, 2008, at 4:44 a.m., the Hyssongs celebrated the birth of Makayla, Richard and his wife Kelly’s newborn. That excitement quickly changed to horror three days later. The doctors discovered twenty-plus tumors in Makayla’s heart with one blocking 75 percent of the blood flow. When she was thirteen days old, masses of brain tumors were found. They were told their precious baby probably would not survive, and if she did, she would not walk, talk, or ever be like other children.

Dell Hyssong relates, “Everyone who has heard about Makayla wanted us to put her story in writing. Her miraculous life has emboldened many to remain strong in their faith and gives hope to those going through difficult situations. As I wrote her story along with co-author Holly Weiss, my prayer was that many lives would change as a result of reading our story. We also wanted to give readers a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of our itinerant ministry. Our family is just like everyone else’s: we hurt, laugh, and cry, but know that no matter what comes our way, God is always in control.”

Singing News Fan Awards Top Five Nominees Announced!

Singing News Fan Awards Top Five Nominees Announced!

The Singing News Fan Awards are the Southern Gospel industry’s PREMIERE fan-voted awards, with winners decided by the readers of the Singing News Magazine. This year’s show is set to be another amazing event, taking place at the National Quartet Convention in Pigeon Forge, TN later this year.

We’re happy to announce that the Top Five nominations in all categories is now available below! Subscribers to Singing News Magazine have spoken in the second of three rounds of voting, and voting for the third round will begin soon.

If you wish to vote in the third round, but don’t already have a subscription to Singing News Magazine don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE TODAY to be eligible to vote!

2015 Singing News Fan Awards Top FIVE Nominations

Note: Nominations are listed in alphabetical order

Favorite Artist
Booth Brothers
Collingsworth Family
Greater Vision
Kingdom Heirs
Triumphant Qt

Favorite Traditional Quartet
Brian Free & Assurance
Kingdom Heirs
Legacy Five
Mark Trammell Qt
Triumphant Qt
Favorite Mixed Group
Collingsworth Family

Favorite Trio
Booth Brothers
Greater Vision
Jeff & Sheri Easter
Karen Peck & New River

Favorite Soloist
Bishop, Mark
Greene, TaRanda
Habedank, Joseph
Parker, Ivan
Penrod, Guy

Favorite Male Singer
Booth, Ronnie  – Booth Brothers
Brady, Jim – Jim Brady Trio
Rice, Arthur  – Kingdom Heirs
Trammell, Mark – Mark Trammell Qt
Wolfe, Gerald  – Greater Vision

Favorite Female Singer
Alvey, Lauren Talley  – Talleys
Gooch, Karen Peck  – Karen Peck & New River
Hopper, Kim – Hoppers
Stuffle, Libbi  – Perrys
Whisnant, Susan  – Whisnants

Favorite Young Artist
Clark, Autumn – Nelons
Clark, Riley Harrison – Tribute Qt
Easter, Morgan – Jeff & Sheri Easter
Ivey, Trey – Legacy Five
Whisnant, Austin – Whisnants
Favorite Tenor
Allman, Chris – Greater Vision
Booth, Michael  – Booth Brothers
Free, Brian  – Brian Free & Assurance
Phelps, David – Gaither Vocal Band
Sutton, David  – Triumphant Qt

Favorite Lead
Booth, Ronnie  – Booth Brothers
Brady, Jim – Jim Brady Trio
Inman, Clayton  – Triumphant Qt
Rice, Arthur  – Kingdom Heirs
Wolfe, Gerald  – Greater Vision

Favorite Baritone
Anderson, Doug – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Griffin, Rodney – Greater Vision
Inman, Scott  – Triumphant Qt
Singletary, Josh – Tribute Qt
Trammell, Mark – Mark Trammell Qt

Favorite Bass
Bennett, Eric  – Triumphant Qt
Chapman, Jeff  – Kingdom Heirs
Harkey, Paul – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Lile, Jeremy  – Brian Free & Assurance
Riley, Tim – Gold City

Favorite Soprano
Alvey, Lauren Talley  – Talleys
Blair, Brooklyn Collingsworth  – Collingsworth Family
Gooch, Karen Peck  – Karen Peck & New River
Hopper, Kim  – Hoppers  –
Yeary, Sonya Isaacs – Isaacs

Favorite Alto
Easter, Sheri  – Jeff & Sheri Easter
Hopper, Connie  – Hoppers
Metz, Courtney Collingsworth – Collingsworth Family
Stuffle, Libbi  – Perrys
Whisnant, Susan  – Whisnants

Favorite Musician
Collingsworth, Kim  – Collingsworth Family
Ivey, Trey  – Legacy Five
Mote, Gordon – Solois
Stice, Jeff  – Soloist
Williams, Kevin – Gaither Vocal Band

Favorite Band
Gaither Vocal Band Band
Isaacs Band
Kingdom Heirs Band
Primitive Qt Band
Southern Raised Band

Favorite Songwriter
Bishop, Mark
Brady, Jim
Griffin, Rodney
Habedank, Joseph
Inman, Scott

Favorite Album
Awesome God – Triumphant Qt
Battle Cry – Kingsmen
Sometimes It Takes A Mountain – Gaither Vocal Band
Still – Booth Brothers
Unashamed – Brian Free & Assurance

Favorite DJ – Small Market
Anderson, Don  – KTTK – Lebanon, MO
Garner, Scott – WGMI – Bremen, GA
Leeth, ReJeana – WZCT – Scottsboro, AL
Whisnant, John – WCIS – Morganton, NC
Wishon, John – WWWC – Wilkesboro, NC

Favorite DJ – Medium Market
Elrod, Don – WGTJ – Gainesville, GA
Richardson, Gary – WJCR – Upton, KY
Roberts, Bill – WLWI – Montgomery, AL
Squires, Lottie  – WCKB – Dunn, NC
Taylor, Dave  – KWFC – Springfield, MO

Favorite DJ – Large Market
Britt, Daniel – WXRI – Winston Salem, NC
Foster, Ron – WZZK  – Birmingham, AL
Guinn, Tim – WJBZ – Knoxville, TN
Hicks, Ken – WUSY  – Chattanooga, TN
Taylor, Wanda – WXRI – Winston Salem, NC

Favorite Non-Performing Songwriter
Free, Ricky
Lister, Mosie
Peck, Rebecca
Rowland, Kyla
Wilkinson, Dianne

Favorite New Traditional Quartet
Carolina Boys
Freedom Qt
Keepers of the Faith
Paul’s Journey
Penny Loafers

Favorite New Mixed Group
Allen Family
Heaven’s Mountain Band
Hoskins Family
Southern Raised

Favorite New Trio
11th Hour
Barry Rowland & Deliverance
Goodman Revival
Jim Brady Trio

Favorite New Soloist
Barker, Pat
Graham, Lindsey
Hodges, Billy
Paskvan, Abby
Robinette, Tammy Jones

Favorite Song
* Top Songs will be voted for on the Top 5 Ballot in July

Christ Is Still The King – Legacy Five
Everything I Need – Tribute Qt
For All He’s Done – Greater Vision
Hidden Heroes – Talleys
Never No Never – Joseph Habedank
Oh Yes I Am – Kingsmen
Say Amen – Brian Free & Assurance
The Joys of Heaven – Kingdom Heirs
There Is Jesus – McKameys
This Blood – Triumphant Qt
Your Walk Talks – Mark Trammell Qt

* Due to a tie in votes, there is a Top 11 in the Song category.


The Old Paths Announce New Direction

The Old Paths Announce New Direction

Douglasville, GA – For more than twelve years, The Old Paths have traveled not only across the United States, but also the world. It has been their privilege to share the good news of Jesus through Southern Gospel music.

While the blessings that the quartet has received have been numerous, this group has faced many challenges in the last year—primarily family obligations and health issues. Many are aware of the sudden, life-threatening condition that was discovered with Tim Rackley’s daughter which required an immediate kidney transplant.

Group owners Tim Rackley and Douglas Roark have decided that it is in the best interest of their families for their focus to be on home. With this decision, The Old Paths’ final service will be December 6, 2015. They will be honoring all dates currently on their calendar as well as any additional dates added before December 6. Both Tim and Douglas feel it is important to honor obligations to those who have invested in The Old Paths. They also want the other members of the group more-than-ample time to make future plans.

Tim stated, “Those that truly know us know our hearts. When we started The Old Paths, we never dreamed that our desire to simply sing in small churches would evolve in to what our ministry has become. We sincerely hope that we have blessed others as much as we have been blessed. We will miss traveling and singing but we feel like it is time for our families to take priority.”

“Decisions like these are probably the hardest for a group owner(s), and it is not a decision to taken lightly”, says Douglas, “but once we stepped back and looked at the big picture, the decision was obvious.”

“It’s been an honor and certainly a privilege to have worked with The Old Paths over the past few years. They are not only men of incredible talent, but incredible integrity as well. In discussing this with them, I could hear and feel the difficulty of this decision from the depths of their hearts. Though difficult, I believe they are doing what they truly believe is right for their families. I have truly enjoyed working with Doug and Tim throughout our journey. My prayers will be with them as they go to the next chapter in their lives!” — Chris White, Crossroads Music

“All of us at the Harper Agency realize the difficultly for Doug and Tim in making a decision such as this. However, we respect the fact that their families are a priority at this time. We have been honored to play a role in the growth of their music ministry the last two years and are fully committed to fulfilling our commitment to their scheduling thru December 6, 2015.“ — Ed Harper, The Harper Agency

The Old Paths will always cherish the friendships and memories made throughout their travels and hope that in some way they played a part in furthering the kingdom of Christ. The Old Paths, through all they have experienced, both good or bad, could always refer to this scripture: In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. [1 Thessalonians 5:18]

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Landon Villines Releases New Album It Had To Be God

Landon Villines Releases New Album It Had To Be God

Compton, Arkansas (May 22, 2015) Up and coming young Gospel artist Landon Villines is excited to announce the release of his first full length CD. Full of new songs by such awarded writers as Ronnie Hinson and Jeff Steele, this album captures something for every generation.

Produced by Darrell Freeman of the Freemans, the project has been a long time coming for Landon. He had dreamed of making this CD a reality for a long time.

Landon commented, “Darrell Freeman, outdid himself on making this everything I thought it would be and a hundred times more. My ultimate goals on this CD were to create a sound and style that every listener would enjoy and to encourage the listener that no matter what you’re going through God already has the answer.”

Background vocalist Chris Freeman stated, “I have always had a place in my heart for the youth in Gospel music, since I was just 17 when I came into this Industry. Today I believe the youth are still our future and are leading strong. Landon is one of the most promising up and coming new artists and he sure to make a great impression on hearts and a statement of faith for who he serves and knows what he is singing about. I feel blessed that I was a small part of on his new project ‘It Had To Be God’.

.Villines is only 20 years old and already been singing full time for three years. He fully believes your answer is coming and when it does, everyone around you will surely say, “It Had To Be God”.

Coming from a very musical family, Landon’s mother wrote “It Must Have Been Hard To Resist” and sings some backup of the song. Also, Landon’s sister, Emily Villines and his cousin Hannah Villines sang backup on “Better Days”.

Be looking for Landon’s first national radio single “When I Lay My Isaac Down” going out in the next several weeks.

The song list includes:

  1. He Will Come Through — Tim & Lana Chandler

  2. Unshakable — Ronny Hinson & Darrell Freeman

  3. When I Lay My Isaac Down — Billy Fields

  4. I’m Raised — Jeff Steele

  5. Better Days – Joshua Jordan

  6. He’s Got a Miracle For You — Ronny Hinson

  7. It Must Have Been Hard to Resist — Becky Villines

  8. It Had to be God — Ronny Hinson

  9. I’ve Got It — Unknown

  10. Rough Side of the Mountain — Rev. F. C. Barnes

You can learn more about Landon Villines by going to his webpage at or on FaceBook at .

To book Landon contact or call 870-416-6093

About Landon Villines

At 20 he delivers a timeless, cutting edge sound that carries the message of Jesus to a broken world. His big voice and heart for God has undeniably brought him to a new level where he is taking flight in the Gospel music field. At such a young age it seems like such a huge goal to pursue, but his focus is on a higher one, to reach souls.

Landon began singing at his parent’s church, where they currently pastor. He is seasoned in the Pentecostal church, and his roots run deep in the mountains of Arkansas. Raised on the rich sounds of Southern and Bluegrass Gospel, Landon’s sound is crafted with that which he was raised on with a fresh progressive sound. His classic Gospel tone with a current sound creates something new for the Gospel music era.

Landon’s freshman record, It Had To Be God, is set to release in the coming weeks. Be watching for updates on the release of this long awaited album.