The Goulds Release Long Awaited CD – Where Are The Voices

Joplin, Missouri (July 29, 2015) Quickly rising in Southern Gospel Music, family group, The Goulds have released their most exciting project yet. With songs written by some of the best writers ever, this CD is going to become a must have for every Gospel Music fan.

Being a young group they had some obstacles to overcome, but this CD proves that they have been up to the task and are now well on their way to the top of the field in Gospel Music.

One of the biggest hurdles was crossed when outstanding producer Jim Brady came on to take charge of this project. Jim has a way of bringing the best out in an artist and even taking them to levels they never dreamed they could go to. That’s exactly what happened on with this CD. You are going to hear matured voices, tighter harmonies, and progressive arrangements that are impressive.

Having some of the greatest songwriters in Gospel Music supplying the songs The Goulds have a new recording with ten strong songs on it. With writers like Rebecca Peck, Kenna West, Dianne Wilkinson, Rodney Griffin. Jim Brady, and others this CD can’t help but be a winner.

The enthusiastic Patriarch of the group, Tim Gould stated, “We are so excited with what God is doing with our family and the music He so graciously allows us to sing. To be able to work this closely with Jim Brady is an incredible opportunity. Not only is he a great singer and songwriter, but he is a genuine man with a heart of gold who believes in our family. His friendship and mentoring means the world to us. This project has so many well known songwriters that we still have to pinch ourselves to make sure we have really recorded such a project. We had dreamed of recording songs from some of the top songwriters in our genre but never thought God would bring it about this quickly. Our hope and prayer is that the songs on this project not only lead people to Jesus but that it also inspires, encourages and meets the listeners needs in a way that only God could do.” .

Producer Jim Brady commented, “I have a special place in my heart for family groups, because it was with my family that I sang my first notes. The Goulds are a special family who works extremely hard at what they do and I can’t help but appreciate how they minister with so much heart.” .

Song List (in order of appearance on CD)
Jesus Speaking Peace
He Promised Me
There Is A Fountain
Cool Water
The Tears Fall
The Other Miracles
Amen Like Thunder
Where Are The Voices
I Found A Ransom
Love Never Ends

The project is available at their table when you see The Goulds in concert or on their website at .

The Freemans Bus Catches Fire On Way Home From Canadian Tour

HENDERSONVILLE, TN (July 28, 2015) Nationally known and multi-award winning Gospel artist, The Freemans bus caught fire in Canada about 30 minutes after leaving a show on their last Canadian Tour Date late Sunday evening as they were headed back home to Hendersonville.

Caylon Freeman, drummer for the band saw smoke in the bunk area of the bus and went for the fire extinguisher. The driver was able to pull over immediately where everyone exited the bus. Witnesses say it appeared to be an electrical fire which was isolated to the bunk areas. The fire was contained and they were able to travel the rest of the way home with the power cut off to that area of the bus. There were three other people on the bus at the time the fire started which included singers Chris, Darrell and Joe Freeman.

Chris Freeman stated, “We are so grateful to have been on the bus at the time and were able to take immediate action. We had just fueled the bus and were headed home. If we had been away from the bus it could have been a very different story. We thank God for his protection over us.”

Down Syndrome International To Honor Ashley DeRamus In India

DeRamus Also Raising Funds To Help India Christian Orphan School

Hoover, Alabama (July 21, 2015) Ashley DeRamus will be traveling to India August 7th through August 22nd. On the 21st Ashley will be honored by Down Syndrome International (DSi) as advocate of the year 2015.

Ashley is using this opportunity to reach out and help those in need by raising funds to assist a school in India. She is asking for your help to supply materials and some new programs. The money will be used to supply Friendship International School, a Christian Orphan School in India, when Ashley visits.

“I am so excited and honored to be able to travel to India and receive this award but even more excited to visit the school and help the children have what they need to learn.” Ashley stated.

Could you please support Ashley with a donation of what ever you can. All of the funds raised will go directly to the school. A Go Fund Me account has been set up for this cause. .

Down Syndrome International (DSi) announces awards in voluntary, professional and scientific categories to coincide with World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) on the March 21st each year. These awards are officially handed over to winning nominees at the World Down Syndrome Congress every three years. The awards for 2013, 2014 and 2015 will be handed over to the winners at the welcome dinner of the 12th World Down Syndrome Congress, Chennai on 19 August 2015.

The Congress will focus on Panchtatvas – Social Awareness & Self determination, Health, Education & Employment, Support System, Rights and the Law for people with Down Syndrome.

For more information about Down Syndrome International go to .

An Open Letter From Rickey Gooch

Dahlonega, Georgia (July 16, 2015)As most all of you know Karen Peck Gooch’s husband Rickey was suffering with the effects of cancer. God has performed a miracle in his life and the following is an Open Letter to all Gospel Music fans and associates who prayed for him through this resent struggle.

Open Letter From Rickey Gooch

Thanks everyone for your prayers. I have been overwhelmed by your kindness and support. The Doctor says that the PET scan looks good and normal, and as far as he is concerned, I am cured. I will go for a check-up once a month over the next year.

Please continue to pray for healing of the inner lining of my mouth, tongue, and the saliva glands. It is still a challenge to eat certain foods. With the Lord’s help, I am persevering.

Thanks for lifting me up through all of this. It has been a trying time but God has been faithful.

Love y’all,

Rickey Gooch

First Concert Of Gold City’s Heritage Of Gold Tour Is A Huge Success

Gadsden, Alabama (July 17, 2015) As would only be expected the first in a series of Gold City Heritage Tour concerts was a huge success. Featuring many of the past and present members of Gold City the crowd was raptured back to so many great moment of years gone by and yet seeing the future of this great group.

Ramrod for the Gold City Heritage Tour is former Lead singer Jonathan Wilburn. Jonathan states, “It was such and honor to spend sixteen years as a member of Gold City Quartet, and I learned so much from being with them. I’m just thrilled to be able to give back to them now is this capacity of helping to promote these inspiring concerts.”


Gold City fan Dee Ann Bailey had this to say about the concert “Last night I got to enjoy an amazing evening of music & testimony at the Gold City Heritage concert. It was fantastic to see the singers switch in and out doing so many of their hits as well as popular songs of these groups birthed from Gold City! How tremendous to see them work together with no egos or disharmony.” Continuing she said “And the ‘costal’ came out in the Baptist a few times last night. Especially in It’s Still The Cross”.


Another Gold City fan, Brett Hackett made this comment “Heritage of Gold reunion concert last night in Gadsden, Alabama at North Glencoe Baptist Church was absolutely awesome. If you don’t have the opportunity to see it, change your plans. You will not regret it.”


The concert featured Current members of Gold City along with the Wilburn & Wilburn, the LeFevre Quartet, and Jay Parrack and Vocal Event.

The future concerts will feature other former Gold City members such as Steve Ladd, Ivan Parker and Jay Parrack as they are available.

The tour will continue with the next Heritage concert in East Tennessee at the Lenoir City High School Auditorium in Lenoir City, Tennessee on August 7, 2015. For more information about the event call 423-420-9408.

Jeff Stice – Transformed

July 9, 2015

Jeff Stice, affectionately known as “Mr. Piano Man” has been on an incredible musical journey. His love for the piano started at the age of 6, and now Jeff’s music has afforded him the opportunity to travel all around the United States and Canada. In February of 2014, Jeff went through a season of reflection and change. “For 46 years I had known about God, but now I know how to BE with God. So now, I have a testimony to share and I have a new song to play as I start a new chapter for my life.”

Dear Jeff,

  Interestingly, I suppose that's how most letters begin, but I do mean this now more  

than ever. You really have become dear to me. Because of who you are, I finally

became aware of just how dependent I am on God, my Father. Just so you know, I am

you, thirty five years from now! Now I know what your first thoughts are after reading

that it’s me (or you ) in the future. You’re wondering what you have, what you’ve

accomplished or who noticed! Let me first say, and this will be hard for you to grasp

right now, IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!! I love your “drive”, and I love that you’ve set goals

for yourself, but I need to point out some things. Sometimes, without knowing, you can

want something or some things so badly that the pursuit of the goal becomes the focus.

You see, turns out, you (we) are an “approval seeker”! BIG TIME!!! The anxiety that you

(we) feel about needing EVERYONE’S acceptance can be a little overwhelming at

times, can’t it? I never knew, until recently that that anxiety had a name! I just knew it

smothered me (you). Please understand that that’s probably not going to go away, but it

will be easier to handle. I promise! Also, I (you) have this burning need to be a

perfectionist! This, you will learn is called having “unrelenting standards”. Nothing is

good enough! It’s actually funny if you think about it! Because of the pressure of this

“standard” you WILL fall short.

 You know, I understand you (me) now. and if I could just speak to your fears, I would  

say that you WILL survive!!! You’ve got some bumps and bruises, but it’s through these

that you (I) became aware of some things. God has to be the center of your life! I know

that you’ve “heard” this all of your life, but you WILL KNOW this too! He has proven His

faithful love to you over and over and you will finally see this! You WILL see that

knowing your “faults” will only cause you (me)to depend on Him more. Jeff, I know

what’s important to you and I know how afraid you are that you won’t reach your

“destination”, and though you have “tunnel vision” and are completely focused on the

“prize”, you’ll come to know that the”prize” will change! You may not see now, but your

priorities will shift and you’ll “see” for the first time. People will come and go in your life.

Heartbreak will too. You Will survive!

 SOME things haven't and won't change! You still are a bit "over the top" in your love  

for Kentucky Basketball (I know you’re smiling about this!). You still love to entertain people

with your playing and you’re still a big kid at heart. You still love movies and you still run!

Most importantly, you can still laugh and you can still cry. The one thing you’ve added to

your life is a testimony of knowing what GRACE is actually about. To “just ask” you to

change may not happen at this point. I’m not sure how a letter from my future self would

(will) have influenced my (our) life. Just know that God loves you. I’d ask you to slow

down and be with Him more. I’d ask you to pray about decisions you will make. I would

ask you to value people in your life, and know we all have the same need…… to be

loved. Jeff, never take for granted the talent that our Father has given you. The key

words in this statement are “OUR FATHER HAS GIVEN YOU”. Continue to work hard

and “polish” your piano playing, but please remember you’re doing this so you can be a

vessel for His honor and glory. You’re not doing it for an identity or approval. I read

something not long ago that I hope sticks with you… it said: “While I am far more

incapable than I thought, God is infinitely more capable than I ever hoped”.

I love you Jeff,


Lindsey Graham Releases Hymns & Spirituals CD

Estero, Florida (July 13, 2015) Award nominated Gospel performer Lindsey Graham has just released her new CD, Hymns & Spirituals.

She has a new CD Hymns & Spirituals featuring original arrangements of some of her favorite….you guessed it…. hymns and spirituals. She features the flute and penny whistle on a traditional Irish medley of “Be Thou My Vision” with “He Looked Beyond My Thoughts”. She plays the flute and piccolo on a triumphant song “Praise to the Lord”. Her Dad duets with her on the classic hymn “O For A Thousand Tongues”, which also includes a brand new praise chorus.

A full song list is available to view at as well as listening samples. Sign up for Lindsey Graham Ministries e-mail list and receive a free download of an arrangement of her maternal Grandmother’s favorite hymn, “In the Garden”.

“I’ve always wanted to record a hymns CD for my audience. In a changing world, the hymns provide a constant and steadfast truth that God is sovereign, He is on His throne, and Heaven awaits those who put their trust in Him! The featured Spirituals reveal a heart deep expression of trust and obedience to God, no matter the circumstance. Believers will rise above it all and these 13 songs capture that spirit of triumph and praise.” stated Lindsey.

Her current release to radio from the Hymns & Spirituals album is “Give Me that Old Time Religion with I’m Newborn Again”. Be listening and call your favorite station to request this exciting medley.

Sneed Family Bus Tour Headed To Loretta Lynn’s Gospel Music Festival

Glasgow, Kentucky (July 10, 2015) The Sneed Family again this year is host group for the Loretta Lynn Gospel Music Festival on September 11th, 12th, and 13th at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane, Tennessee. It’s a who’s who in Gospel Music performing and to make the whole experience even more pleasant, Jeff Sneed is putting together a bus tour for the event.

Jeff Sneed commented, “We want to make this festival as enjoyable as it can be for the fans attending. Our bus tour is attractive for several reasons. You can sit back and enjoy the ride while the bus driver safely gets you there. You will tour the Loretta Lynn Ranch and museum, two nights lodging, some free meals with lots of camaraderie with other Christian people and even make some new friends.”

Featuring such artists a Karen Peck and New River, Goodman Revival, The Freemans, The Martins, Brian Free and Assurance, HighRoad, Jeff and Sheri Easter, Angie Primm and many more, you don’t want to miss this very exciting weekend of fantastic Gospel singing.

Jeff Sneed is encouraging other fans to form bus tours to come to this event also. It will make a great weekend even better by sharing this time with your family and friends.

In other Sneed Family news, the Loretta Lynn concert for tonight in Glasgow, Kentucky featuring Loretta Lynn and the Sneed Family is completely sold out.

Jeff Sneed said, “We are just thrilled beyond our imagination that the Glasgow community would support this event in the way it has. This encourages us to keep bringing great concerts to our home town.”

Steve Ladd Celebrates Six Years Of Solo Ministry

Centre, Alabama (July 14, 2015) Seems like yesterday that the phenomenal tenor Steve Ladd walked away from Gold City Quartet on a journey that he knew God was calling him to. In reality that was six years ago and the tepid outlook that greeted him has been proven wrong.

Steve left Gold City at the end of June 2009 on great terms, and now six years later he has a list of accomplishments that could make a list of Who’s Who in any genre of music. All on his own Steve has four Top 40 radio singles, he has sang in Ireland, been Featured on Alan Jackson’s Gospel album “Precious Memories Volume 2”, and won the Singing News Fan Award for Favorite New Soloist in 2013. In addition to all of those exciting events Steve’s last CD was produced by powerhouse producers Michael English and Michael Sykes.

Steve commented, “These last 6 years have flown by. Many people thought when I left GC to go solo that it would never work. But, God has shown favor to me and my family and has opened so many doors. I do miss the comradery and friendship’s of being with a group, but I LOVE where God has me right now. I have the best fans in the world. I’m excited about the future and plan to continue making my brand of Southern Gospel music as long as people want to hear it.”

To learn more about Steve Ladd go to .

Follow Steve on FaceBook at and Twitter at .

For booking Steve contact Daystar Promotions – Renee Barham – 918-838-3239